Benefits of going solar for commercial businesses

Commercial Solar Solutions

If you get a lot of customer asking where your EV charging station is located than DT Solar may be able to get you a setup that will drive more customers or better employees your way.

I was recently at a hotel in Logan County, WV that had 4 charging stations. The hotel industry has a lot to gain by installing EV stations. There are a lot of Tesla's on the roads these days and if the service isn't available; they'll take their business elsewhere.

It's not just hotels. If employee's can get to work cheaper in their electric cars than they'll be less likely to part ways with your business. Lower turnover rates are always better for business.

a premium commercial solar product


- The 30% Federal Tax Credit Incentive

The 30% federal tax credit allows businesses to save 30% on income tax in most cases based on the total cost of the solar installation

- The USDA Gives a 25% REAP Grant for Most Businesses in West Virginia to go Solar

In West Virginia most businesses are in a classified rural are. Which means they qualify for a grant of 25% on the total cost of the solar installation

- Reduced demand charges

By installing solar and/or battery storage a businesses peak usage will drop. Lowering the demand charges that the utility charges for your business operations

- A smaller carbon footprint

By going green your business is making a statement that you like cleaner air and water

(Electric Vehicle) EV Charging Stations

Commercial Solar Engineering using a team of qualified  NABCEP Certified Engineers

                         DT Solar provides a premium solar package to commercial businesses like schools, government municipal buildings, manufacturing plants, water departments and mom and pop stores. Key factors that make us better than the competition include:

- Highly qualified & trained union labor

DT Solar is a union contractor. When you need 100 trained electricians the IBEW is the best place to get them. The union also allows us to stay small or grow big overnight if the job gets overwhelming.

- Prints designed by a team of NABCEP certified engineers

DT Solar outsources larger project design to a team of engineers. Just because we can; doesn't mean we should design them on our own. There are engineering firms that do commercial solar design on a daily basis and the fee's are worth the investment.

- A strong 10 year warranty on the craftsmanship of our work

Much of the work you see in the solar industry came with a 1 year warranty. DT Solar believes in a real warranty that protects your investment from failing due to installation error. This covers solar panel replacement, inverter replacement, electrical wiring issues and roof leaks due to poor installation of the mounting hardware. A real warranty.

- More solar equipment options make for higher quality or better pricing

Do you have to buy the most expensive solar panel on the market? NO, and we recommend against it. A solar panel is usually not the most important aspect of a solar system. Inverters are the key to a long life. So the choices are presented and the decision is yours.