Why Use DT Solar?

" I started the company in February of 2016. I've always had a deep interest in renewable technology and solar pv was at the top of the list. Getting the company off the ground took a lot of personal investment and after 2 years in business; I'm proud of the accomplishment and plan to expand over the coming years.

The goal I've had from the beginning is to bring union skill and craftsmanship to the solar industry in the state. It seemed like a business that was lacking competition and I learned that many employee's of solar contractors in the state weren't properly licensed electricians.

After learning of the solar environment; I've done my best to educate the public in what to look for in a solar contractor and it's difficult to compete against companies that have been in business longer than DT Solar not following West Virginia law. An electrician is a skilled craftsman that understands the electrical characteristics in a solar pv system. By having unlicensed workers installing high voltage DC on rooftops is a scary reality that has been happening in West Virginia.

DT Solar is a local, legal, licensed, insured, bonded and trained solar pv contractor using "real" electricians to install solar. "

Thank you. Doyle

WV Electrical Contractor : WV054684

WV Business : 2326-4288

We don't use unqualified labor or equipment. You get options that allow you to make an informed choice with a 10 year craftsmanship warranty that covers roof penetrations and equipment replacement.

(Grid-tie Solar PV Systems)

Doyle Tenney, Owner