Warranty: 10 / 25 Years

-Cheap to convert to the LG Chem Battery later

-No limitations in solar panel size

-Uses more components

- High Voltage DC from the roof

To understand what "Grid tied solar pv" is, you need to understand how "Net Metering" works.

You pay for electricity from the power company. It comes into your home through your electric meter and that meter shows the power company's meter reader how many "kilowatt-hours" you used. The kilowatt-hours (kWh's) are then multiplied by the "rate" that you pay for electricity to get your electric bill total.

The following is an example.

John turns on his electric cook stove and uses 3 kWh's over an hour. The rate John pays for electricity is 12.6 cents per kWh. So, John paid (12.6 x 3) 37.8 cents to run his cook stove.

What if John could send power through that meter and get the power company to pay him 12.6 cents per kWh?

That's what happens in a "net metered" solar system. The power generated flows back through the meter and is credited to your electric bill. So, if you use 500kWh's and generate 300kWh's than you effectively pay for 200kWh's of electricity! There are limitations. 1.) You still have to pay the minimum fee and 2.) The power company doesnt have to "pay" you. So, the main goal in a "grid tied" solar system is to size it for exactly or less than your average electric bill.

48 Silfab 300 watt Solar Panels as a residential Ground-mounted array. The system uses AP Systems YC500i Microinverters.

Arthurdale, WV / Preston County

Any other issue's that could arise from the power company? Yes

Grid tie solar does not work when you have an electric outage unless you have a battery system   Learn More...

Grid Tied Solar & Net Metering


Warranty: 10 / 25 Years



- DC to AC right on the roof

- No need for a Central Inverter

- Less components make a cleaner looking job


- Not as cheap to convert to a battery backup system

- Maximum solar panel size limited to about 330 Watts

9.6kW AP Systems YC500A Microinverter Solar System located in Buckhannon, WV / Upshur County

Residential Home solar

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In the past couple years, DT Solar has run into a few issues. The most important being the transformer on your electric pole. Most transformers are rated for 25kVa in West Virginia. If you're one of the most unlucky renewable energy enthusiasts and happen to have a 10kVa transformer. Its OK! It's a little bit more time consuming and they may charge from  $600 to $6000 to upgrade that transformer, but we will pay for 1/2 of this cost if we missed it on the site evaluation.

Bottom Line: Don't worry about the power company. We talk to them and work out any issues that coud arise.

DT Solar uses two brands for Grid Tie Solar Equipment. They both are great systems and the cost is about the same per watt. So you have a choice to make unless you would prefer DT Solar to recommend one. Below is a side by side customer friendly comparison of the 2 systems.


This is the how and why...