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what can it not do?


It is limited to 25 Amps of current. So if you have central air or a heat pump, its not going to run something that large. Well,.. it might be able to but it would likely void the warranty and only last for an hour before running the battery dry. Another disadvantage is that it doesn't have the ability to run alongside a generator. In an off grid system a generator is nice to have if you haven't had any sun for 2 days. It helps prolong the life of the battery and keeps your lights from going out.

So , with all that on the table. I believe you have the knowledge to make an informed decision about this battery system.

It's simple. If you want your tv and fridge to stay on through an outage its the way to go. If you want to get rid of your power company, a preparedness expert or its too costly to have utility power ran to your cabin or home than an off grid system is the way to go.

"The best way to describe why a Master Electrician is likely better than an Electrical Engineer at designing a system has to do with theory vs doing. Its been a few years back now but I was on a job that showed 1 set of 120v wires going to a piece of equipment on the engineered drawings. So I did what it said to do on the prints for a while and later when I found out what piece of equipment was going to be placed there I knew immediately that it need 2 sets of wires 240v. I started looking at the equipment that was staged in the building and determined a massive amount of work was going to need to be done to fix this issues. It wasn't just one piece,.. almost everything was 240v! 

So the Electrical Engineer was called and when he was asked about it his words were " Yes it needs to be 1 set of wires",... I was shocked. So we took a piece of equipment out of the box and showed him the voltage and he still could not understand what he had done wrong. A lot of money was wasted that day and the job completion was extended.

The point of this story is to show that an Electrician that installs solar everyday and has to hook up all of this equipment, knows what is needed on a set of prints. But if someone has no On the Job training but does have a degree; they are missing one very important piece of the puzzle.

All battery storage prints are designed by Doyle Tenney. A  Commercial Master Electrician with plenty of HANDS ON experience in battery systems. From government contracted battery rooms, utility scale wind farms to water department single panel/battery systems. A 5 year union apprenticeship covering a broad range of electrical systems, Solar Energy Institute Courses and expecting the NABCEP Certification to become part of those credentials this year. I am legally licensed to install your entire solar system by myself. Unlike many of those that claim this qualification in the state of West Virginia. "

Doyle Tenney, Owner

Why Use DT Solar as your Storage Solution

         Lets get the most important piece of information off the table right now. This article is about a consumer that has power through a utility but wants a battery that can get them through the outage. Not the apocalypse.

        The LG Chem battery storage system is designed to supply up to 9.8kWh's of power at a full charge if the power grid goes down. It can also shave daylight demand if your power company uses that method for billing.

        This battery is becoming popular for a few reasons. It's cheaper to build than a total off grid solar system, less bulky and the warranty is 10 years. Most battery based systems give between 3 and 7 years.

        9,800 watt hours is a lot of power. Think about it like this: your fridge uses about 1,800 watt hours per day, gas furnace blower about the same and a tv uses 200 watts per hour. So it can run for a long time.

LG Chem RESU 10H with Solaredge Storedge SE7600 in Greenbrier County, WV


A generator may cost 2/3rds what the LG Chem costs but it's loud, stinks of CO2 and has moving parts that require maintenance. Most generators have to start up once a week and when a generators control board fails it can cost over $1000 to repair it.

Of course when you have a lot of electrical needs; a generator may be the best option. If you want to run electric heat or central air conditioning than a generator is the better option.

Some ways around this are to use SEER 27 or higher mini-split AC units. They use far less wattage than central air units and draw less amperage which means they will work pretty well with the Solaredge / LG system.

Generator VS LG Chem Battery Storage