Our solar installation team

"When I first learned about DT Solar, I was working for minimum wage in a fast food restaurant. The opportunities the company has given me since finding a place within it's ranks have been vast and many. If I'm being honest, I never thought much about solar energy or it's benefits for both the environment and for the average person. We live in a technological age where everything, phones, televisions, the internet, is developing and expanding at a rapid pace. The same is true for solar energy. Ten years ago, it would have been far more difficult and far more costly for the average person to "go Solar". The time we live in currently allows everyone the choice and opportunity to have solar installed on their homes. It allows the average person the freedom to choose to get rid of their electric bill, or even the electric company, as a whole.

DT Solar is not only a Solar installation company in West Virginia. In my honest opinion, it's in fact the best solar installation company. DT Solar cares about their customers in a way that most companies do not. I remember I was surprised that during the first month of my employment to DT Solar, one of their old customers from over a year prior came into the office to speak with and thank Doyle. We keep in contact with our customers not only because we have an installers warranty, something that most solar installation companies in West Virginia do not have, but also because we WANT to know how the system has helped them. We want to know how it has changed their electric bill and their lives.

Going solar is a big step. It's hard to make that jump, that leap, to something that seems almost entirely foreign. Everyone is used to working with the electric company. Though I say working with, I suppose that isn't entirely true. Most of the time the electric company does what it wants. It raises the prices, then shuts you off if you can't pay. Saying that people are "working with" the electric company implies that it is a relationship of mutual trust and respect. I've met far too many people who have been hurt by their electric company to make the claim that people "work with" electric companies.

DT Solar not only offers an installers warranty and some of the best prices per watt for going solar, they offer something more. They offer people the ability to take back control of their electric bill, something that hasn't happened since the various electric companies conceptions in the 1800's. Back in those days, there were a number of people who didn't want to switch over to this new found phenomenon called electric light bulbs. The gas lighting industry was threatened by the invention that Thomas Edison had begun to bring into the world as a household luxury.

Now, solar energy is taking hold in the world, especially in the U.S. It's a way to light and power your home that has been around for years, but has more recently become accessible to the average person. Technological advances in solar energy are happening every day. Solar energy arrays will become more and more common in our cities and towns. If, eventually, you are planning to go solar, I would more than suggest employing DT Solar. I would insist. Today is better than any other day to take your electric bill down to the very minimum, or even, get rid of the electric company all together. We work with you, and want nothing more than for you to be happy and proud of your solar array. We do our best on every job, guaranteed."

-LaVetta Cain, Solar Sales Representative for DT Solar LLC

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