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Commercial Solar Incentives and Grants

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is currently a30 percent federal tax credit claimed against the tax liability of residential (Section 25D) and commercial and utility (Section 48) investors in solar energy property.

USDA REAP Small Business & Agriculture Grants

Application Deadline: 
Grants of $20,000 or less: October 31, 2016 and March 31, 2017;
Unrestricted Grants (up to $500,000): March 31, 2017;
Loan Guarantees are competed continuously throughout the year.

What funding is available?

Loan guarantees on loans up to 75% of total eligible project costs
Grants for up to 25% of total eligible project costs
Combined grant and loan guarantee funding up to 75% of total eligible project costs

Commercial Solar Installation

As a Small Business; going solar is a no-brainer.

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Solar Estimate Process

In a Commercial Solar Installation done by DT Solar; the business owner will submit a form on this site or request a site visit by a licensed Master Electrician. A custom solar estimate will be created based on the requests of the business owner. 

What are the loan guarantee terms?

$5,000 minimum loan amount
$25 million maximum loan amount
Up to 85% loan guarantee
Rates and terms negotiated with the lender and subject to USDA approval
Maximum term of 30 years for real estate
Maximum term of 15 years for machinery and equipment
Maximum term of 7 years for capital loans
Maximum term of 30 years for combined real estate and equipment loans

What are the grant terms?
Renewable Energy System Grants:
$2,500 minimum
$500,000 maximum
Energy Efficiency Grants:
$1,500 minimum
$250,000 maximum

                              Going solar is a no-brainer for a Small Business. Your solar system pays for itself faster than a Residential Solar system because of the REAP Grant. (As long as you qualify). Solar pays for itself in as little as 4 or 5 years and will likely last 25 or more years. Return on Investment is well over 200% over 25 years.