DT Solar is not a lending institution but any customer can easily find a bank or loan company to get financing. Most banks will offer a short term loan (60 months) on a solar installation. If you would like DT Solar to find a bank to refer to you it will. Is it a high payment?... yes but look at it like this:

$21,000 Loan over 60 months comes to about $27,000 with interest. The interest should be tax deductible and you'll still receive a 30% tax credit from the federal government. 

[$21,000 - ($21,000 x .3) ] + ($27,000-$21,000) = $20,700 as the cost to go solar

A monthly payment for 60 months would be $455 and sometimes the bank will allow you to refinance after 1-2 years because of you tax credit.

The system generates about $100 a month towards your electric bill.

Solar Financing a Solar system:

12-15 year payback

Net Profit Between: $20,000 and $30,000

Return on Investment Between: 85% and 125%

Numbers are based on good credit / average solar cost / standard 60 month loan and 3 - 5% inflation rate in utility price.

So it still pays to go solar even if you need to finance.

Many Banks offer Solar Financing: Try to go with a local bank first

Solar Financing

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The reality is most local banks will offer close to the same rates as a "solar financing" bank. If you would like DT Solar's assistance in finding a good bank for financing you will be referred and get a call. DT Solar is not a lending institution so it cannot quote payments or act as a lending institution BUT it can contact banks and refer them to you. Whatever it takes to get your business.

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