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LaVetta Cain - DT Solar Sales Representative

Now Installing the New LG Chem RESU 10H Battery

Works in the Buckhannon office from 2PM - 6PM : Mon - Fri

LaVetta can answer all your questions about grid tied solar systems. To get an appointment you can give her a call at:

For off grid and battery backup systems or general questions that LaVetta just can't answer. Doyle's the guy you'll be speaking with. Master electrician, NABCEP solar associate, SEI Advanced solar design, APS micro inverter certified installer, Marine Veteran and a union 5 year electrician's apprenticeship.

Doyle usually handles the installations but when help is needed. DT Solar is a "union" contractor. Which gives us access to plenty of qualified electricians from your LOCAL area.

                     I've been a proud Union Electrician for 8 years now. I believe in local workers being employed for local jobs. It is sad to see the coal jobs going away but putting them to work in the solar industry is a rough road. Why? Solar installers are electricians with a specific skill set. There are many types of electricians; controls, industrial, commercial, residential and a lot more. Not every electrician can do commercial work or install solar panels properly. But the proper path to becoming a qualified and "legal" installer is becoming an electrician and then getting the training required to install solar.

The union provides solar training in its 5 year apprenticeship program. It's part of a list of skills that an electrician can choose to become a master of. By using local, well-paid, qualified, drug tested, electricians; you get professional results.

-Doyle Tenney / Master Electrician



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What is the LG Chem battery?

                   The LG Chem battery works with existing or new Solaredge / Storedge Installations as a backup when power goes out.   It provides 9,800 watt-hours of power. A 20 cubic foot refrigerator uses about 1,800 watt-hours per day roughly for comparison. This also doesn't account for how much the solar array is charging the battery.  The battery also carries a 10 year warranty and doesn't take up very much space.