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DT Solar Brings the 1st LG Chem RESU 10H to West Virginia

Doyle Tenney

Certification # PV-011018-015742

DT Solar is proud to offer and install the LG Chem RESU 10H lithium battery. It became available to West Virginia in early to mid 2017 and DT Solar received what may have been the first LG Chem in the state. A huge milestone for the company and the LG Battery offers something that previous battery systems didn't have. A cheaper way to get power through an outage while also having higher efficiency / cost effective inversion. The "old way" used bulky AGM batteries and required a lot of extra parts and shorter warranties. However, this battery is not engineered for total Off Grid solar. It's purpose is for quiet power through an outage at a competitive price against a gas-powered generator. 

Key factors to think about:
- The RESU comes with a 10-year warranty assuming your battery is used for daily charging and draining. During that time, if the battery malfunctions or loses more than 40 percent of its storage capacity, it is eligible for replacement under LG’s battery warranty.


WV Solar Energy Contractor 

WV Solar Energy Contractor actually means West Virginia only. We've noticed that other solar installers operating in West Virginia aren't even based inside this state or are located along the border. We live here and work here using local solar-qualified union electricians.  

"We give West Virginia residents a variety of solar equipment choices to suit their budget without compromising in quality or craftsmanship."

+Building Permits

+Net Metering Applications

+Professional Solar System Design

+Providing Solar Qualified Electricians to ensure Quality, Craftsmanship and IBC / NEC and WV state laws are followed.

+A Master Electrician On Site (Being an Electrical Engineer doesn't make it legal without licensed electricians performing the work)

+Free Network Monitoring

Solaredge & AP Systems

+Assistance with REAP Grant Processing

+(BEST in West Virginia) 10 Year Solar Installation Warranty!

             DT Solar's work is performed by qualified Solar Electricians and supervised by a Master Electrician. Understanding roof attachment means is a very important aspect to solar installation. The picture to the right is a recent trouble call DT Solar received from a customer that wasn't installed by DT Solar.

             A solar shingle flashing is crucial to preventing roof leaks. Will this work? Maybe 

           But the minor extra expenditure for a flashing could save this customer's roof. But this wasn't the only issue with the installation.

            The wire size was too small, the bonding mechanism was improperly installed and the method for tapping the solar into the home's electricity is not allowed anymore but should've never been used in the first place.

This system is located in Lewis County, West Virginia

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